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Well, it's Bike to Work and School month again. And while a snobbish part of me reacts with "every month is bike to ___ month," it's nice to see creative approaches to getting kids and grownups using bikes as everyday transportation.

I just read about a nice program in England where schools "bike around the world", inspired by Alistair Humphreys' Round the World by Bike adventure. Cumulative student & staff bike to school mileage is plotted on a world map, and schools compete against one another.

This would make a nice bike to school project here in the colonies. Lacking any convenient Alistairs, it might work as a Race Across America between local schools, with students choosing the route, and learning about states they're "passing through."

As in the British Sustrans Bike It version, teacher/staff mileage could count double, so that adults set an example, and get harassed to ride by eager kid competitiors.

The Pedouin Clan, soon to reach SeattleA Bike to School program could use Bicycle Dreams, the documentary about the real RAAM (3,000 mile ultra-marathon bike race across America), as inspiration. But I'm not sure that a portrayal of cycling as grueling extreme sport is the smartest way to encourage everyday cycling for the sheer pleasure of it. Maybe the Pedouins (a family on a five person tandem biking 7,000 miles to from Kentucky to Alaska) would be a better choice.

What say you, school parents? Are your schools doing anything cool this month? Any obstacles you've encountered?

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I just became the new Safe Routes to School rep at my school. I just organized the walk to school day ( MA day) this week. We have a bike safety thing going on in June. We JUST got a bike rack in Nov ( NOT b/c of me) and so now kids are finally allowed to bike in from 3rd grade and up.

I need ideas though! My current idea which I need to act on is doing a poster campaigne. Basically I am inspried by bike blogs. We post pictures of ourselves biking and it keeps us going/ each other going.

I want to post pics of kids walking and biking around the school with a " I'm Joe and I bike b/c....." make them mini celebrities and show other kids that walking and biking is Cool.

Next year I hope to focus on more bike things in May rather than walk stuff although that is cool too.

May 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMamavee

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