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Not that we have a Bugaboo, mind you. Why blow that much on a stroller when you could spend it on bikes? But folks, the world of high-zoot strollers is about to have its tuchus handed to it by this new Dutch-Israeli stroller-bike transformer:

Oh - your Bugaboo seat can flip around? That's just super. This Taga stroller? It turns into a freaking kid cargo trike! Shazam!

The quick conversion looks particularly nifty - kind of like a backwards Brompton fold. Internal 3-speed hub, full chaincase, tasty planned double-seat options (I like the wooden covered wagon one below), fully nappable, nice-looking safety considerations, and just plain fine-looking design. Poke around their gallery for the options.

Of course, it all comes down to the ride, and I haven't been a big trike fan, and wonder about tipping in corners and when older kids are trying to climb in and out. So does Henry, who noted this company in his Eurobike writeup. But still, I've never had stroller lust ... but I do now.


Henry and Dr. Mekon have both had quick test rides, and report that while it is well-built, it seems more comfortable for short rides, and should be thought of as a really big stoller that you can pedal rather than a bike that you'd comfortably ride for more than a mile. I agree with both of them that a bakfiets with a baby and umbrella stroller (or sling, etc) would be preferable, but hey, all three of us are bike nuts. I'll be curious to see how the Taga does in the market. I'm afraid it'll be quite expensive ...

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Reader Comments (3)

Sweet, that does look nice. Too bad it's not available and it looks like it would happen in Europe first.

Have you heard of the Zigo? Supposed to be due in the US market in January:

We have one coming to Eugene that a parent won through our Safe Routes to School program. I'm excited to see how they work.

The cargobike I have is a Long Haul from Human Powered Machines here in Eugene. They have just started to build a box and raincover for it this past year or so which is good timing since I'll be converting mine from it's cargo use over the past 14 years to it's new use as a Family Vehicle since we're expecting our first child in April!

Glad to find your site. Do you know if anyone in Seattle is doing a Kidical Mass?

December 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterShane

For me, it's probably a good thing that it's not even available in Europe yet.

I've seen the Zigo virtually, but not in person ... the advantage with the Taga for me is that the parts are integrated and don't detach so much as transform. But I'd love to hear what you think when it shows up!

Eugene seems to be the US epicenter of cargo bikes these days, what with HPM and the new CETMA long john ...

And, yes, I'd love to see a Kidical Mass up here! We have the cargo bike ride that Aaron's Bike Repair organizes, but no kid-specific rides that I'm aware of. Do you know anyone up here with interest? We'd be happy to help get one together. In fact, tomorrow, if it's not blowing freezing rain, we're going to have a big birthday bike parade from our place to a pizza joint for my daughter's 2 year birthday. Call it a Kidical Mass test run.

Summer might be a more successful Kidical Mass launch, but it'll be hard to wait. Congrats on your impending arrival! We've got a boy on the way in February.

December 12, 2008 | Registered CommenterJulian / Totcycle

What do you think about this Looks good and less expensive

August 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGordon

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