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Well folks, we're here in East Haven, CT for the early holidays. 'Staven if you're local. And there's nothing remotely bikey about what we're doing. In fact, we're rolling in Tony Soprano's SUV. Because Kim thought we should rent a 4-Wheel Drive, and it was the only one. Turns out she's more psychic than Miss Cleo, as we got hit last night with a big winter storm, and there's almost a foot on the ground.

So we've been driving. A lot. From parking lot to parking lot. Chili's, TJ Maxx, the Best Buy at the mall, Premium Outlets, drive-through Dunkin', the full catastrophe. When in Rome ...

And yes, we drove through the "Fantasy of Lights", the local holiday light bonanza. And look what we saw:

Even more lit up than my MonkeyLectric

I'm pretty sure Portland (where else) has a bike/walk only night at their drivethrough Festivuhannukamas lightshow, but I can't bear to get on right now. Too painful. I miss my bikes.

But ... there are other things to do in life, I suppose. Like eat snow:

"It tastes like a yucky crayon"

And first snow angels.

Daddy-Daughter Snow Angels

I'd love to pay the folks at Full Hands a visit in New Haven, as they sound like lovely folks, and to aid my bike withdrawal a bit with a quick hit off their Radish or bakfiets. But we're leaving for Maine on part 2 of our holiday adventures. In our big honkin' SUV, cupholders overflowing with caffeine & corn syrup. But we'll be back on bikes by New Year's!

And there's an auspicious finding in the basement here: the bike that Kim's father rode cross-country from Guilford to Seattle after a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm! Almost as impressive? He did it in jeans and other plain-clothes on a department store Schwinn without any "touring" gear to speak of. Mike had fortitude, that's for sure. Happy Holidays to you all, wherever you may be.

Bob Loblaw's Globlog is sponsored by Globe Bikes, who've furnished us with a Globe Live 2 Mixte in return for a series of posts on life with their bike.

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Reader Comments (2)

So sorry to have missed you, Julian & family! Your next trip to East Haven/Guilford-- we must do a meet up. Lighthouse Point, perhaps? And yes, the Baks or Xtra would be happily lent out...

And now that our local bike shop is a Madsen dealer & will be keeping one as a renter, you'll feel like you're home. Or not. At least cycling on a bike that you know in a city far less bike-friendly than your own, but still...

Love the tidbit about your father-in-law's cross country ride. Hope Maine was fun (We moved to New Haven from Maine, actually.) Happy 2010!

December 31, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersara

You're on, especially for a summer visit! Maine was great, except for the never-ending toddler jet lag, Luc's Christmas eve croup episode, and traveling home just after the pantybomber thing.

December 31, 2009 | Registered CommenterJulian / Totcycle

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