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What is the deal with ...

all of those tweets about family cycling gear for sale? Well, I've added a new Family Biking Deals section of the website. Go check it out - we've got some fabu pink and lime green Dutch child seats, and a real-deal mamafiets right now. Oh, and my wife's rejected recumbent (hot tip: getting your wife a used recumbent may not be the wisest way to get her back into cycling. hardly cycle chic. but comfy).

Consider it a virtual swap meet for family-friendly bikes, seats, and sundries. Those kids do grow, and I've received a number of emails from readers looking for help selling or finding the type of Euro-eso-teric or domestic-but-obscure family cycling gear we like up here on the Totcycle.

We will also add hot deals from stores, the interwebs, eBay, or Craigslist as we come across them. And come across them we do - I have a number of alerts and RSS feeds set up for tasty keywords like xtracycle, Dutch, bobike, and so on. We receive no compensation from these posts, unless there is an affiliate deal, and we'll make that clear if so. If you have a store or business, and a special deal to offer the Totcycle tribe, we're all ears.

These listings are a free service to the family cycling community, with no guarantees as to the condition, safety, or usability of items listed. Be careful buyers and responsible sellers, please.

To list an item, just send an email, with title, price, location, description, shipping/pickup options, contact info, and photos/video. Entries may take a day or two to show up here. Post a comment or let us know if it sells.

Stay tuned with our Deals RSS feed, or follow on Twitter or Facebook.

But what about the local bike shops? Isn't this evil?

Not so much, in my opinion. While we in Seattle are lucky to have several family-everyday-biking-savvy shops that deserve your business, what are you going to do when your family outgrows that bakfiets or bobike seat? Part of what makes a $1,500-3,000 bike or $200 child seat make sense for a family that can front the cost is knowing that after several years of good use, it will retain much of its resale value, lowering the cost to only $100-200 per year.

Besides, most local bike shops just stock a trailer or two and a plastic bathtub of a rear child seat amongst all the car-topper bikes, and can be distinctly unhelpful when it comes to ordering in or installing things like front seats (you mean suicide seats?). If they are open to learning about ways to ride a la familia, great, give them your business. You'll get some warranty and installation support and hopefully excellent bike service down the road. If not, best of luck selling recreational bikes and lycra at ever-decreasing margins.

Why are you spamming Twitter with these Deals?

I'm not sure I'll keep doing this on the main Totcycle feed. Depending on volume of deals or complaints, I may set up a separate Twitter account. Please give me feedback on whether you do or don't want Deals tweets.

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi there... this post is worth the read.. I just love it because my family and I spent our bonding time together through biking.. We go to different places with our own bikes... It's fun...

November 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMartha Gomez

hi ! thanks for this nice post.

November 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterann smith

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