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[This was our shameless entry to the Globe Experience Project]

Dear Globe Bike,

I hear you're being given away. Fret not - we here at Totcycle (rhymes with popsicle) would be happy to offer you a home in Seattle with us. You'll like it here ...


You see, Globe Bike that will soon be ours (hey there Live 3 ... what's your situation?), we feel a bit bad for you already. How shall I say this?

Perhaps you expected the life of a young unattached urbanite, toting around six-packs, or maybe baguettes and fromage, unencumbered by accessories more weighty than a spoke card or two, footloose and fancy-free. Meeting cute on bikes at the Sculpture Park? "Pardon me, is that your Dutch bike hooked on my porteur-inspired rack?" "Porteurrr ... is that French?"

Bike, if you come live with us you'll have to fast-forward through all that ... your new owner is not-so-young-anymore, is happily attached, his jeans fit, and if he does transport a baguette on that rack it'll be buried under diapers, Pirate Booty, sand buckets, and yes, the occasional six-pack. Because sometimes Daddy needs a drink.

And spiffy new bike, it's not just me that you'll be giving rides to. Meet Drew:

10mph hug

Oh, and Luc:


In a few months he'll be big enough for our Bobike Mini front child seat. Hold still while I clamp that on ... there, that wasn't so bad. You still look quite dashing, and the seat's removable for our daily commute together.

That's right, new bike,

We're transportational:

We're cycle-chic-as-hell:

Toddler Cycle Chic?

And we're procreational:

The Bucket Bike Brigade

We ride to work, to preschool, to Trader Joe's, to the park, and to the beach. Our bikes carry kids and groceries, all at once. Our rides are high-occupancy velos. Think you can handle that?

Oh, and new bike? It rains a bit here in Seattle. You seem prepared, what with the color-matched fenders, built-in lights, internal gear hub, chain guard, and belt drive. But if the rain gets you down you can borrow le Veltop.

Are you perhaps a bit jealous of the bikes in these photos? We do have a few other options, but the Totcycle family has chosen a bicycle polyamorous lifestyle. Is it a crime to love bikes too much? Besides, you seem like a lighter, zippier, better on hills version of a Dutch bike, and have smarter geometry for carrying a load up front than our DIY city bike conversion. And while we love our MADSEN, that's the family minivan.

Plus, we need all the stylish family bikes we can get our hands on! We lead Seattle's Kidical Mass, a fun, safe and legal family bike ride every month ... and as bikevangelists, we do like to get other families on our bikes. Come help us nurture a Seattle family bike culture. You'll like it here. Kids and all.



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