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Calling all bike families! Totcycle and friends, CarFreeDays, and, with any luck, the Wallyhood crew will be heading south this weekend to represent the Emerald City in the upcoming Fiets of Parenthood, Portland edition. Read all about it on the Mamabikeorama site, and Clever Cycles.

In the "we should have such problems" category, the Fiets of Parenthood is in close conflict with the Cirque du Cycling Family Bike Parade, the Family Cycle Picnic, the Girly Bike Ride, Stumptown Joustdown, and the "Sunny Nekkid Ride I". Since the totcycle family regularly parades around on girly bikes in various states of inappropriate dress/undress with picnic in one hand and a stick in the other, I'm hoping to heal the divisions within the Portland biking community by combining all of the above rides in one.

And I'm pretty sure we can incorporate the Pretty Panty ride (a point of pride for my daughter), Donuts Curb Hunger, Brompton Tea Ride, and Gayest Day of the Year Ride (Kim's always been active in Pride, and I ride in chaps). But we can't yet represent the "No Babies Ride", AKA the Vasectomy Ride, even if "myths will be debunked!". 

For those of you in Seattle that can't make it, fear not, we'll be hosting our own Fiets of Parenthood in August. For further away bike families, or those that live in towns where bike ride conflicts are of the more mundane bike vs car variety, please send us a photo or video clip of your own fiets of family cycling. We'll have an International Fiets of Parenthood photo/video showdown this summer that embraces all of our far-flung tribe. Tricks, dressage, cycle chic, mood shots, or celebration welcome. Just getting the kids out the door and onto the bike is feat enough for me, so worry not, the bar is set quite low. Details and prizes TBA. Inspiration:

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Reader Comments (2)

I so, so, so want to be there. Have loads of fun & give a cheer out and think of us here in New Haven, not yet evolved enough in family biking to pull off such an event. And PUHLEEEZE, post loads of photos.

June 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersara

Seattle Fiets-folk, don't fail us now!

June 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBikejuju

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