First Day of Preschool
September 7, 2011
Julian / Totcycle in Better by Bike, Front Seats, School

Uff ... I just dropped off little Luc at his first day of preschool.

How did we ever get from this:

Shhh ...

and this:

6am Aster Coffee with Luc

and this:

Luc plus Giraffe

... to a brave little 2 and a half year old who likes pirates, swords, superheroes, swimming underwater, bikes and buses?

Thus the extra-special multimodal commute for his first day to his new preschool near my work. Normally I'll ride Drew and Luc on the eMADSEN, and drop Drew off first, but today Luc and his daddy took the Brompton, ITchair, and the bus.

If I were slightly less neglectful of blogging this year, you would have heard a lot more about the eMADSEN and the Brompton with front seat. Suffice it to say (for now!) that the Brompton with ITchair front seat is the coolest way on the planet for a parent and a 3-5yo to "jetpack for two" around town. 

So here's to Luc, loving his new commute:

Folding bike for two, ORCA card in hand!

Missing momma, just a bit ...

Cascade red snap anklet = sword and handcuffs in a pinch

He blew me a kiss and ran back to the blocks ...

Wishing you and your little big ones a lovely (and wistful) first day of school ...

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