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With apologies to ZeroPerGallon (make us one like this pretty please?)

The Globe actually has the skinniest tires I ride, and as such, I've gotten all nervous again about the train tracks I cross under the Ballard Bridge and further down the trail. The rain and wet leaf slime hasn't helped.

I came across a friend last year just minutes after she'd landed on her front teeth after taking the tracks at the wrong angle. And while the dentists and ERs of Ballard need all the business they can get in these tough economic times, until the Missing Link gets built, let us all remember:


And while we're at it, easy on the front brake while riding on wet leaves.

Bob Loblaw's Globlog is sponsored by Globe Bikes, who've furnished us with a Globe Live 2 Mixte in return for a series of posts on life with their bike.

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I've always thought that going slowly over the tracks was the best way to avoid trouble--I'm glad you mentioned this right angle tip. I'll do both. Thanks!

November 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCourtnee

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