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But wait! Don't we already have July planned? Well ... er ... as much as I wanted to take KM to the Milk Carton Derby, the recent realization that the 60th Anniversary of the Wallingford Kiddie Parade & Street Festival is also that morning (not to mention STP that weekend) just makes this seem like a bad time to route a big group of cyclists through Wallingford. Plus, the Wallyhood parents will be loathe to miss the parade, so ...

How would you feel about a Friday evening Kidical Mass, on Friday July 17th? Meet at 5:30p, leave at 6p, from Wallingford Playfield to the north end of Greenlake for a dip in the lake and picnic dinner? We'll still bring Mighty-O's, as promised. If you're stuck at work, meet us at the lake! Look for the bikes and the mayhem. You can keep the bike fun going with Cascade's Cyclefest on Tuesday July 21, which will feature a Family Treasure Hunt and Kids' Bike Parade.

The reason for going with Friday is that I've got my sights on Saturday August 8th for the next month's Kidical Mass (thanks for the tip, Jim). Yes folks, it's the New Belgium Tour de Fat at Gasworks! Because what goes better with family cycling than beer?

Actually, I'm told this is quite a family-friendly bike festival. Or alterna-family-friendly, at least. There's gonna be a bike ride/parade, circus-vaudeville act, the Sprockettes (a righteous synchronized mini-bike dance troupe from Portland), and others ... I'm checking with the organizers about their ride and if it'd be appropriate to join. We may just want to converge on Gasworks from points West, North, and East. I can lead Ballard to Gasworks, and if any other families would prefer to come from other destinations, just let me know. Details to follow. Apologies to any for whom the sponsorship is a turnoff, beer consumption obviously optional. New Belgium is one of the bike-friendliest businesses (platinum!) in the country, however, and this just looks like some real bike fun.

So - sorry for the July confusion! We'll still be going to the Milk Carton Derby (and Kiddie Parade!), just not en masse. But do go, and go by bike. You do not want to be parking in Wallingford that day.

Speaking of bad times to drive to Wallingford, on July 4th, Spokespeople will be leading a ride around Lake Union leaving at 2pm; make a day of it and stay for the fireworks. Also on the 4th is the Family Haulin' Fourth cargo bike ride, meeting at noon in Pioneer Square. Sounds like a great day to be on a bike, whichever ride you choose.

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Reader Comments (4)

Sounds great, Julian. Friday nights are tough for us, but the other sounds good. You can always count me in if there's a way to combine beer and family riding ;-)

July 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTim K

any chance of a south end kidical mass or are there still not enough interest?
each sunday lake washington blvd closes for the day to bicycler's and pedestrians. this could be a fun opportunity.

July 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa Miller

I'd be into a south end or West Seattle ride (Alki anyone?) though we'll do out best to petrol-burn the bikes and the kid up to the north end for the events you list.

July 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBikejuju

I'm still down for a South or West ride, but am not sure how many of the current KM families would be able to make it without car-topping. How about a Bicycle Sunday in September? We could lead a group leaving from Red Square to meet others at Lake Washington Boulevard for a Seward Park destination? I love Alki as well ... what do people think?

July 13, 2009 | Registered CommenterJulian / Totcycle

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