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It's on, family bike people! Kidical Mass Seattle Rides #2 and #3 are coming soon to a north Seattle location near you ...

Why the north-of-the-ship-canal bias? Well, our sign-ups and first ride participants have been overwhelmingly Uptown, and so we're going to grow this thing up here for the short-term, hoping to venture to Lake Washington Blvd, Elliott Bay trail, or even West Seattle as the summer moves on. We figure we'll get more families to participate if they don't have to commute too far to the ride itself.

So, what's happening in June? It's going to be a Kidical Mass to the Beach! On Saturday, June 13th (a scant 10 days away!), we'll meet at the playground behind Salmon Bay School at 10:30am, and depart at 11am on a fun residential street adventure through Ballard, via the spiffy new Ballard Corners Park, and on a whirlwind tour past as many Ballard parks as possible, picking up the new Burke Gilman trail extension to our destination: Golden Gardens! Whereupon we will enjoy a bring-your-own-picnic lunch, some popsicles furnished by us (less melted this time), and summer at the beach. Forgot your lunch? Stop by Paseo or Lil' Coney for takeout.


June rocked, by the way. 50-60 folks, a lovely ride and day at the beach. Thanks to all that rolled out!

But the plans for July have changed - see here for the why and the when and the how.

And what about July? It's the Milk Carton Derby! On Saturday, July 11, we'll meet at Wallingford Playfield at the crack of 9:30am (painful for some, midday for others), fuel up on Mighty-O Donuts, and head out by 10am for a quick ride down to Greenlake for a promenade along Greenlake Way back towards the south end of the lake, where a Cascade bike corral will be set up. Milk Carton races start at 10am, we'll be a bit late, but that's how we roll. Races go all morning, with a Children's Show at noon. See the Seafair site for more info about this big fun day.

So ... a mellow local jaunt to the beach and a big overstimulating day at Greenlake ... hopefully we've got your recreational preferences covered. We're experimenting a bit with creating our own "event" and traveling to cool Seattle summer happenings. We promise more Friday evening rides later this summer. And if you want more rides south of the Ship Canal, sign up and let your vote be counted! And please comment below if you have thoughts or suggestions. And wouldn't it be nice if Mighty-O sponsored those morning donuts? Anyone with a connection?

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Reader Comments (5)

Yay for Saturdays! Question: Do people usually go back the same way? Is there a group that goes back together? And any idea how far these jaunts are? Thanks!

June 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCarrie

Hi Carrie! It seems from your tweets that you have a bike you like? Congrats!!!

There's usually some folks who ride back together - for these I imagine you'll have more folks heading back en masse from the beach than from the Milk Carton Derby event.

These are both short rides suitable for younger kids - 1-2 miles to the beach, and about a mile for the Greenlake ride.

June 6, 2009 | Registered CommenterJulian / Totcycle

Sounds like fun. We love the beach. If we can get our butts on our bikes early enough to pedal to Ballard on Sat AM, we'll totally be there. How's that for non-committal?

June 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnne

Sadly we are going to miss both for other cycling events. Flying Wheels Century is June 13 and STP is July 11th. We need to get a consolidated cycling event calendar going.

June 11, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterrob

Hey Rob -
Sadly, I was aware of those conflicts, but picked these days anyway. Not from a trying to conflict with Cascade events as much as possible perspective, but because it was the only day in mid-June that we were available, and 'cause the Milk Carton Derby looks so cool.

I avoid lycra and narrow saddles and attendant urologic complications whenever possible, but my apologies to those of you that ride roadie and en familia ...

June 11, 2009 | Registered CommenterJulian / Totcycle

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