Kidical Mass to Pedalers' Fair
April 18, 2012
Julian / Totcycle in Kidical Mass

Just back in town after a Brompton-NYC-work-trip (another in a long list of posts I should write), and barely in time for Pedalers' Fair this weekend, in our very own Ballard! Bike crafts! Slide show by Russ and Laura of Path Less Pedaled! Food! Beer garden! Fellow family bike peeple! What more do you need?

And so we ride, this Saturday! And in May, of course, we wouldn't miss Bike to Work & School Day on May 18th. Which leaves June and July wide open for suggestions, but I guarandamnteeit that one Kidical Mass ride this summer will be bike camping! Ride to Bainbridge Ferry, then to Fay Bainbridge for an overnight, possibly in conjunction with Bike for Pie on August 19th. 

As what few readers remain may have noticed, I do need help planning and organizing these rides, especially south of the ship canal, so contact me if you have a ride idea you'd like to own and lead. I'd like to get a regular third-weekend-of-the-month rotation going, but have conclusively demonstrated that I can't do it by my lonesome.

We'll keep this one simple, and classic. Gas Works Park by the play barn/play area. 11am this Saturday 4/21/12. Leave at 11:15ish, ride the Burke Gilman to 1415 NW 49th St for the bike crafts fair. Russ and Laura start at 2pm, if you're able to stick around. Food is promised, but I don't know how kid-friendly. BYO backup food, or know that there's lots nearby, including el camion truck 3 blocks away. Yes.

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