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Sunny Seattle Summer is so close I can taste it. Sandy Paseo sandwiches at the "secret beach," D'Ambrosio Gelato, Solstice Pale Ale at Fremont Urban Beer Garden, pit stops for blackberries most places we ride. Delicious sunny summery times await!

To whet your appetite, may I present a menu of family biking options this summer:

Thursday April 28th - Family Biking Slideshow

Hemingway Tea and Sleeping KidsI'll be kicking off Miro Tea's Soapbox Series this Thursday at 7pm with a slideshow and talk on family cycling (see their flyer & Facebook event page). Naturally, I'll be covering the finer points of blocking traffic, not paying for roads, and how to ruin Ballard's industrial core in 3 easy steps. After the talk, we'll play "Red Light? Green Light!", practice smug expressions, help young fingers make the finger, and scoff at a few laws. 

Actually, I'm nervous that no one will show, and it'll be just me harshing people's mellow oolong vibe. Please come, drink a Hemingway, and join in on the discussion. Bonus points for bringing your family biking rig to show off afterwards.

Saturday April 30th - April Kidical Mass

And you thought there wasn't going to be an April Kidical Mass Seattle. Think again! I'm sneaking one under the wire. Ballard Commons Park at 10am to the new South Lake Union Park at 11am for a romp in the sun, ending at Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden at 12:30 or so. Yes, you read that last part right. They're quite welcoming of the kids. In fact, last time we were there a 3-year old birthday party was happening. Wow. We were just happy that the Yelp reviews weren't going to be complaining about our kids ruining the place, for once. And since it's My Birthday Eve, this Kidical Mass ends with take-out pizza and beer in the middle of the day. After the Spring we've had, you deserve it. 

All of May - Bike to Work/School Month

I know, I know, every month is bike to blank month, uphill and upwind both ways in biblical rains and hail. But only in May can you be a part of team One Less Minivan, led by Madi Carlson, who is slaying #30daysofbiking with two littles on her mamafiets. Check her Family Ride blog, join the team, and show those fair weather Cascade Cat 6 Commuters how we do it.

Saturday May 7th - Bike Works Kids' Bike Swap!

Love Bike Works, love the Swap. Don't miss it! I'm pretty sure Morgan will be bringing the Family Bike Expo as well.

Bike Works, Columbia City’s nonprofit bike shop and youth bicycle education organization, will hold its 15th annual Kids’ Bike Swap on Saturday, May 7th, 2011, from 10 am – 4 pm at Genesee Playfield (43rd Ave S and S Genesee St). This annual event is an opportunity for families to trade in a bike their child has outgrown for a larger bike – just in time for the summer riding season! The Kid’s Bike Swap helps to facilitate the flow of affordable bicycles within the community and keeps fully functional bikes out of our local landfills. This year, Bike Works has overhauled over 145 kids’ bikes to kick-off the swap.

Friday May 20th - Bike to School/Work Day Afterparty

Where KM Seattle got its start. This time the weather will cooperate, and after whooping it up at the street party, we'll ride to the "secret beach" across from Paseo for Cuban sandwiches.

Let's keep it simple. The Afterparty in Ballard starts at 4pm. Let's get to it on our own, but ideally by 5, as we'll meet up at the belltower at 5:30 PM for a gentle, easy, flat ride to Paseo for takeout (bring CASH, and parents of young kids might want to BYO some back-up blander food) and beach party across the street.

Saturday May 21st - People Powered Park Parade

Kidical Mass takes it to the streets in Beacon Hill with Beacon BIKES. Check their flyer, and don't miss this opportunity to show support for what will likely be one of Seattle's first neighborhood greenways (the facilities formerly known as bike boulevards):

Beacon BIKES is celebrating the completion of our Family Friendly Bike and Pedestrian Circulation Plan (authored by Alta Planning and Design). Once implemented, these Neighborhood Greenways will allow people of all ages and comfort levels to safely bike and walk between destinations on N. Beacon Hill. We will highlight one of the proposed neighborhood greenways via a fun People Powered Park Parade which will begin at Jefferson Park and end at the Lewis Park. Bicycle decoration prizes will be awarded during the Lewis Park Celebration.

Friends of Lewis Park are celebrating four years of a Green Seattle Partnership restoration that has transformed this ugly, crime-ridden park to a beautiful Natural Area for our community to enjoy.  We have also been selected as an Opportunity Fund project.  Our Celebration includes tours of Lewis Park Natural Area, free BBQ, entertainment and just plain fun.

I'm planning to ride downtown to the Westlake Light Rail station, via the new Dexter, and take the light rail to Beacon Hill. Anyone who'd like to ride down from Ballard at 9ish, or meet at Fremont Bridge, get in touch or leave a comment. Families from point South or West can just meet us at the Parade! For those that (legitimately, of course) are sad to miss our north-of-the-canal biased rides, "stop freakin', meet us at Beacon!"

And that's just a taste of what's in store for summer. The Summer 2011 Fiets of Parenthood Games will be happening sometime in July/August, and goldangit we're finally going to make it to Vashon by bike for some family bike camping at the AYH Ranch Hostel with the teepees and covered wagons. If you'd like to join us, let me know. Finally, the Gelato Bike will ride again! Please suggest other event ideas and Kidical Mass ride concepts in the comments below.

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Reader Comments (4)

Oh how I wish we lived in Seattle so that we could come along to all your events (especially that one that finishes at the brewery ... mmmm). We live in Melbourne, Australia, and have been really enjoying our long, sunny, warm and relaxed Autumn (ok, ok, "Fall"), which has been perfect for riding.

Trialled a Gazelle Caddy for a week (which we had to return today ... three year old Dougal was very sad about it and suggested just paying for it so we didn't have to!), and ride an Xtracycle Radish with Peapod LT on a daily basis for our 3 & 7 year olds. Would LOVE some sort of box bike.

Luckily here we have some community-minded suppliers who help organise Cargo-Bike-Picnics, but a Melbourne Kidical Mass would be awesome too.

Thanks for your blog ... blogs like yours help keep me afloat on the low days. Really. It's inspiring stuff. So blog as often as you can, about the little things. Or the big things.

April 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCath Mok

May not make the ride to SLU park, but the after-party at the brewery just might work. Looking forward to a month of bike fun and festivities with the Totcycle crew!

April 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commenteranne

Keep up the struggle comrade. Thanks to your indoctrination of the next generation and the efforts of our brethren/sistren, we will soon achieve our goal of total and undisputed domination of motorists. They shall all bow down before our incredibly sculpted calves.

April 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn K

We had fun on the rides this month. Thanks for organizing.
Not sure what rides/destinations have been done in the past but Matthews Beach could be a suitable destination... Burke-Gilman Accessible, playground, beach, lawn, bathrooms, etc.
Looking forward to more family biking group adventures this summer.

May 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAndy Schmidt

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