Totsicles and Tree
December 10, 2012
Julian / Totcycle

Hohoho, it's that Tree on Bike time of the year. Our bikey BFFs CarFreeDays have been tree-hauling by xtracycle since back in the day. Here's a tree on a front-loader, our new Bionx Bullitt from Splendid Cycles. Which is of course getting its own post because it is the most awesomest car-replacement vehicle I have yet experienced.

Of course, there is a backstory to this photo. Not sure it was my proudest parenting moment. The children have gotten a bit delusional about the need for coats, hats, and gloves in the past month of riding around under a cozy rain canopy with a sleigh blanket. Scratch that. They have always been delusional about the need for winter-wear. 

At departure, warm coats, less fashionable/more waterproof gloves, and hats were offered. And offered again. Hypothermia discussed. Saids items brought with us. Errands were run, with the boy in a cotton long-sleeve shirt, coat sitting next to him on the box seat. By the time we reached the tree lot in a cold Seattle drizzle, both kids were shivering and crying to go home. Coats and gloves were belatedly donned. Hands didn't work. 

So we rode home, both kids wailing, collecting stares and glares, with me going on quite a bit more than I needed to about "And this, kids, is why you always wear a coat and gloves ..." If I had a one-armed man around I would have used him. Here was the result: 

Totsicles and Tree 2012

Merry freaking christmas, thanks for the Jack Frost-bite, dad. 

Nothing a bath and hot chocolate couldn't cure. As for the whole natural consequences lessons learned thing? Not so much. Luc elected shorts and T-shirt for his next outing. Does this let-em-learn approach work for you guys, or have you made appropriate garb just as non-negotiable as a helmet? I'm thinking that for local errands they can learn their lessons, but if hypothermia or misery would blow up an actual plan that involves getting there by bike then parental mandates may need to be enforced. 

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