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Our New Logo? Via ...Hey all - Kidical Mass Seattle kicks off tomorrow, on Friday May 15th, meeting in Ballard Commons Park (by the skate bowl) at 5:30, leaving at 6pm for Gasworks! Details here.

The weather forecast is making me happy, although I'm having a hard time believing it after the week we've had. Also, the Burke Gilman trail closure in Fremont will not affect us, as it will only be closed between 9:30am and 3pm tomorrow. Most excellent.

Hard to know yet how big it'll be, but there's been a good bit of excitement!

A few potential issues remain - the Ballard Summer Streets / Cascade Bike-to-Work afterparty might get a little crowded. Come early to check it out (lots of cool booths planned), and we'll try to get through without disrupting things. Or go around.

Otherwise, we'll cautiously cross Shilshole, and make sure to take the train tracks at a right angle before the Ballard Bridge, with riders stationed to help with that. By the time we hit the Burke Gilman trail, we expect that Bike to Work commute traffic will be reasonable, but we may need to single-file it on the trail if busy.

And hey - if we get a great turnout, the weather is de-lovely, and Bike to Work folks turn out en masse, that'll be a happy "problem" to solve tomorrow.

Generally speaking, this may be a more advanced ride than many future Kidical Masses will be, at least in terms of other potential traffic to contend with. The Saturday morning rides, in particular, will be geared towards accommodating more novice riding styles on quiet streets and trails. If at any point a parent or child feels uncomfortable or too wobbly for the situation, remember that it's perfectly fine to dismount and walk on the sidewalk or trail. We remain committed to "no child left behind", and will have sweepers to help any stragglers, as well as family cargo bikes that are happy to carry kids or gear if so desired.

The Fremont Comment Troll, from carfreedaysPromoting this has been an interesting experience. Like-minded bikey folks have been really excited about it. But I will say this - the Critical Mass brand is not doing so hot in Seattle. As a result, the affiliated-in-playful-name-only Kidical Mass brand is not testing well among certain online focus groups. To whit: Cascade forums, MyBallard, and Wallyhood posts have had some lively comment threads that at times felt crankier and more troll-tastic than a Seattle PI Soundoff cars vs bikes fest.

Thing is, I thought folks would see the absurd humor of naming a ride with young kids after big bad Critical Mass. And that reasonable people would probably not assume that we were a "bike terrorist" training cell, just itching to take our toddlers downtown to disrupt their commute.

So we'll make sure to keep things positive, legal, and courteous tomorrow, and see if that takes care of our little "branding issue". This update from Wallyhood made my day yesterday, and helps keep things in perspective. See you tomorrow!!!


Yonder, in the East! It's a group of families planning on biking from Met Market in NE Seattle on the trail to Gas Works to meet us coming from the other side of town! Join them at 5:30 pm on Friday, May 15 - they leave by 5:45 pm!

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Reader Comments (3)

Wow, Critical Mass must be a big deal in other areas. Here there only are a few dozen people, so no one would seriously consider it to be some anarchist crazy protest or anything or as unsafe for kids.

May 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrooke

I'll be on the lookout for KM. Thanks for the levity. I, for one, appreciate your posts and humor.

May 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterM.J.

We have also had the branding issue in Fort Collins. Apparently the city police department has a negative association with Critical Mass due to controversial rides in the past, and we want to encourage the FC bicycle fleet to join our ride. Otherwise, the city's bike programs are totally on board, and eager to help with organization and marketing of the rides... however we will likely be riding under a different name.

August 20, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterwanderingcyclehisers

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