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Postapocalyptic clown velo city at Gasworks as the benzene closes in ...

We had a blast yesterday at the New Belgium Tour de Fat at Gasworks Park. The Kidical Mass turnout was "skinny but strong" ... I've noticed a declining trend in participants, from 75, to 60, to 22, to 16 ... this could be due to Kidical Mass fatigue, my lackluster promotional efforts, people's busy summer schedules, or the weather (it was cloudy with a kiss of rain). Or the beer/family cycling concept. I'm not too fussed about it ... on the smaller rides I get a chance to talk to to people instead of stressing about making it legally through intersections over several light cycles. Next month we'll be mixing it up geographically, taking it to Lake Washington Boulevard.

But the Tour de Fat was a righteous bikey hoot. Their parade was fun until the backseat altercations in the MADSEN got out of hand (our kids were not exactly promoting the cause yesterday, what with all the caterwauling, shoving, and scratching). We dropped off the main offender (Drew) and most vulnerable rider (Luc) at home and I rode back to Gasworks with our nieces Maddie and Lola.

Double Nap Configuration, with "sleep bear" (thanks to Mark Stosberg)Drew awaits the return of Tour de Fat on our "freak car"

We checked out an amazing collection of art/freak bikes, and loved loved loved the Nanda ("Kung-Faux" acrobatical ninja mimes) and Handsome Little Devils (vaudeville melodrama, with chainsaws) shows, and shook it with the Sprockettes. Now that's "cycle chic"Bonus meetup - Allan Folz, curator of a whole fleet of family bikes down Portland way. Only downer? No beer for this rider (What? No kids in the beer garden? I will forgive you if you put out Mighty Arrow year-round. I live in Seattle, ergo I drink Pale Ale). Probably a good thing. We made up for it later. Luc got so craaazy he put a saddle cover on his head. Good times ...

So - don't miss these upcoming Tour de Fats:

And enjoy the freak bike video:

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Reader Comments (3)

So sorry we missed this! We were out of town, but we should be around for the next(?) one and can help turn out the riders again. :) Glad it was so much fun!

August 10, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterghd3

I would love to have my kids and me test ride your Madsen if you ever do such a thing. I'm this close to making the plunge, and to electrifying it, but I'm worried that I'll spend the money and then I won't be able to carry the kids after all (too heavy, too hilly, etc.)

If you're ever interested, let me know. You could try my X with two-kid seat if you'd like!


August 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrynnen

The tour de fat feels like very enjoying one.I think I miss the important event.They are looking very happy in the photos.I will try to come in next one.

October 2, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterhomeopathie

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