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About Totcycle

First of all, if you're wondering, it rhymes with popsicle.

Otherwise, Totcycle is a collection of posts, photos, and links about biking with your kids, especially having young children on your bike, from a pediatrician in Seattle and biking-fool-father with too many bikes. 

You'll note that this blog petered out back in 2013. Still riding with kids (4 now!), just said most of what I had to say on the topic. I'm keeping the blog up for newer parents though ...

Big 'ol Disclaimer

These posts are written as an enthused dad, not as a pediatrician, and certainly not as your pediatrician. I do think that the benefits of cycling and instilling a love thereof generally outweigh the risks, but the dangers are there, and it's up to you (and your pediatrician, if you wish) to decide what's safe for you and yours.

The Helmet Issue

As you'll probably note in the photos, my family and I wear helmets when we ride. But there will be other photos and links that show helmet-less adults and helmet-less kids. Many of those photos are from countries with an advanced bike infrastructure, high ridership numbers, and much more respectful drivers. We don't live in that country, yet.

So we wear helmets, not operating under any illusion that they make us invincible, but looking for any help in a collision or bad fall, and feeling that the available evidence for a protective benefit outweighs the arguments against. There are those riders and parents who disagree. And that's up to them and their local laws (here in King County we have an all ages helmet law). So please let's not have any helmet wars in the comments. Having good judgment is a parenting virtue; passing judgment is not. 

The Logo

You may be noticing the gorgeous header. That would be the artwork of Deanna Ebner, and her company Tall Cow, which prints lovely hand-printed greeting cards. Thanks so much for their permission to use "A la familia" for our family biking endeavours.

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We'd love to hear about your family biking experiences! Please contact us via the site, or you can directly.